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Project Description: It has been known for centuries that mothers all over the world sing lullabies to their babies, Every mother wishes her precious child peace, joy, carefree, long and happy life, chasing away fears and misfortunes, while lulling her precious child. Lullaby in any language sounds like a prayer, like a plot. The idea for the project "A Lullaby for Son" came to us after watching Interviews with mothers of young boys, whose country unleashed an unjust war, sent them to the slaughter, depriving them of their future, and possibly the lives of them and their families... And my heart breaks with pain at the thought of what Ukrainian mothers are feeling right now...! The power of a mother's love is immeasurable. will fight for this life at all costs. We want women around the world today, expectant mothers and those who and those who have already known the happiness of motherhood to stand up for their children! A lullaby as a symbol of hope but also as a protest against absolute evil, as a cry "come to your senses" can and should sound louder nowadays. Love will save the world, lullabies of all countries - unite!

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